All this talk about men masturbating makes me want to masturbate and talk about it even more

Weinstein, Toback, and, most disappointingly, Louis C.K. are just a few recognizable male names plucked from the millions of exhibitionist masturbators who display power by foisting their sexual fantasies onto unwilling victims. The recent spotlight on this grisly facet of rape culture goes one step further in dispelling the myth that the right self-defense class, route home, conservative style of dress, or “smart choice” will do much to prevent sexual harassment or assault, which comes in many forms and is insidious all the way up to the highest professional level. Will blindfolds be the next advisable level of protection for ambitious women? I’d rather gouge my eyes out than see Weinstein tugging at his junk.

Self-inflicted eye gouging and all those other sensible precautions our moms taught us don’t really address the problem, but what if dildos did? What if men grew up in a world where women’s fantasies and perversions were a significant part of culture in a way that men’s are today, and these desires even had the power to shape it? What if the clitoris wasn’t penetration’s cute sidekick? What if male nudity was just as common as female nudity? What about reproductive education and choice? What if birth was viewed as an intimate, potentially sensual, and radically sexy act instead of a censored sanitized medical procedure? What about women getting support and funding for art, movies, comedy, and books that feature periods, menopause, and realistic female orgasms? What about no more sexy female robots? What about sexual women over forty?

The misogynists and sexual predators who also—not coincidentally—happen to be the gatekeepers will happily distract from, silence, ignore, and cover up the void where women’s sexuality should be reflected and nourished by art and culture. Would men be as brazen with their sexual compulsions if they truly understood that women possess an autonomous sexuality whose character and depth goes far beyond what most men would dare imagine?