Do Yourself

As we all know very well, Ménage à Moi is a podcast about women who 'do themselves.' And yes that means doing yourself, as in the seventh grade use of the word 'do,' meaning to have sweet-ass sex with yourself while Boyz II Men plays in the background.  But it also means finding yourself, being yourself, checking in with yourself, caring for yourself, and supporting others as they do themselves too, and that’s a tall fucking order, especially over a lifetime.  It can be so overwhelming you might instead begin to suppress or ignore yourself. 

Doing yourself can be terrifying and ugly. Sometimes 'yourself' takes on too much metaphysical weight, which requires a lot of effort to shed. 

Sometimes 'yourself' needs to try something new before knowing it’s not 'yourself.'

Doing yourself may have a domino effect.

Doing yourself could become a reflex.

Doing yourself might be contagious and is most definitely psychosomatic

The promise of money is a common reason people stop doing themselves, or at least put themselves on hold.

Doing yourself is a creative act that has nothing to do with capitalism, but you might get rich doing it.

Doing yourself will make you attractive to others.

Your parents will eventually understand 'yourself' even if they pretend not to. It’s probably envy, but ignorance is a time-honored parental ruse.