My friend interviewed me about starting a podcast about female masturbation and this is what I said

Up to the present day, women have been written about and portrayed in relationship to others, and many of us have come to internalize that relational definition and identity. In particular, we are judged, and we judge ourselves, mercilessly, by our relationship to men: those we date and those we fuck, our husbands, our fathers, our bosses, etc. Masturbation, primarily, is a solitary act in which women can pursue whatever pleases them in a space free of power dynamics and potential violence. It's a space where confidence, creativity, and a sense of autonomy can grow robust enough to nourish a lifelong satisfaction with ourselves. This freedom to connect with our own bodies, historically, has been tenuous at best and it is under siege in our current cultural and political climate. Loving yourself and speaking up for this right can be a form of self-empowerment and resistance. Ménage à Moi is a place to hear women’s stories about pleasure and self-discovery that aren’t reflected anywhere in mainstream culture, or, as we say on the show, it’s about women who ‘do themselves.’ 

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Photo credit: Jason Frank Rothenberg