Suzanne: Porn-induced Orgasms are the TV Dinners of Sex


Episode 6

With Suzanne Santo's 2017 debut solo album 'Ruby Red' receiving many accolades and her accompanying North American tour now in full swing, Ménage à Moi was lucky enough to get some face time with the HoneyHoney songstress while she made a brief pit stop in LA. Nestled among all the golden nuggets of sexual wisdom and experience Suzanne serves up are these piquant morsels: how she forces herself to remain a 'sexual woman' while on long, punishing tours as the only female in a crowded SUV, and why getting it on with adoring fans is not actually as fun as Mötley Crü’s autobiography makes it sound. Good to know! Suzanne's music and her conversational charm is a feast for your ears. Enjoy!