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Have you ever wondered if your mom jerks off? If anyone else in the world learned to masturbate with a My Little Pony? Or if other women at work are sneaking off to the bathroom to go rub one out? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding 'YES!' The face of masturbation does not have to be Jason Biggs, it could in fact be your mom's.

Ménage à Moi is a podcast about women who do themselves, hosted by writer, curator, artist, mother, and avid masturbator Chelsea Beck. Every other week listen in as Chelsea has a candid, enlightening, and funny conversation with a different woman about how masturbation fits into her life and shapes her well being. To some it's like brushing their teeth to others it can be like a trip to the dentist. Ménage à Moi listeners will laugh and cry along with all kinds of women as they talk to Chelsea, sharing details, thoughts, and observations on masturbation that may otherwise be left unheard or, worse, unsaid.


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MÀM Story

For years Chelsea worked at art museums, including the Menil Collection in Houston, and The Broad and the Hammer in Los Angeles. In 2016, married with two young sons, she decided to begin writing a book that she had been thinking about for a long time, “a masturbation memoir” she called it. While working on the memoir, Chelsea began to discuss masturbation more casually and was amazed at how many women willingly, eagerly even, shared their tales of masturbation with her.  Their experiences were funny, awkward, touching, all so different, and something Chelsea had rarely heard before. It became clear that women were poised to share their autoerotic adventures more openly. Sure, friends share weird sex stories frequently, but masturbation, that doesn’t come up so much, even though most people probably jerk off way more than they have sex with other people. Identity, creativity, fantasy, power, relationships, motherhood, age—big interesting important things—were recurring motifs in every story. So Chelsea thought, why not record these conversations about masturbation and share them with the world? The Ménage à Moi podcast was born!


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