Hi! I'm writing to share some exciting news. While Ménage à Moi has been on hiatus, I've been working on a podcast project for Season 4 of SFMOMA's Raw Material. It's called Luvvers.

Luvvers is a six part series that considers the relationship between art and sex, how one can inform the other and become a catalyst for creative thinking and being.

Luvvers launches October 15th! Listen to the trailer.

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More info here


Season Two features the voices of mothers (and I don’t mean MILFs goddamit!)  I talk with real life moms, in all their complicated glory. We discuss the shifting sexual relationships one has with themselves, and others, as they move from pregnancy, to postpartum, to the everyday grind of mothering children. I also interview a midwife—my own—and, to start the season, I interview a sexpert and we don’t talk about motherhood at all. Thanks for listening!